Forms for applicants for visas in the UK

New visa application forms have been published for use from 1st December 2013 by applicants who are already in the UK:

  • FLR (FP) – for use in place of the FLR(O), if you are applying for limited leave to remain in the UK on the basis of:
  • Family life as a partner on the 10-year route to settlement;
  • Family Life as a parent of a child in the UK (5-year and 10-year routes to settlement);
  • Private life in the UK;
  • Family or private life where you know you do not meet the requirements of the rules, but would like to apply anyway
  • FLR (AF) – leave to remain (Armed Forces)
  • SET (AF) – settlement (Armed Forces)

New versions of the following visa application forms have also been published:

  • FLR(O) – the revised form will not include categories now covered by the FLR(FP) and FLR(AF)
  • FLR(M) – leave to remain (partner)
  • SET(DV) – settlement (victim of domestic violence)