B1 Speaking & Listening Test Exam – Tips and Advice

The Trinity College London B1 Speaking & Listening exam which consists of a ten minute one-to-one interview. This English Language Test – Speaking & Listening test at B1 entry 3 level is required  for applicants for UK Citizenship. You also need to pass the Life in the UK test.

B1 Speaking Test Tips

First of all always try to relax and be yourself – be natural – this makes speaking easier.  Your Examiner will  want you to do your best. They will not try to make your test difficult for you.

Do not learn passages and speeches off by heart to try to say them word-for-word in the interview. It is difficult to do this and also sound natural. Your examiner  will spot it easily if you learn something word-for-word..

When you describe something, do not worry about telling every single visible detail. this is a speaking test not an observation test.  Just speak in general terms about whatever it is and how say it affects you personally.

It is good to practice and prepare your answers to common questions and make them personal to you. This gives examiners a good idea of your level of language, and your ability to talk about your past, present and future experiences. So practice but don’t expect to repeat something off by heart as it will rarely fit the exact question.

 B1 Listening Test Tips

Examiners may give information that sounds correct, but is not quite right. Remember that being nearly correct is not the same thing as being correct.  Modal verbs and adverbs are often used to give inaccurate information. It must be one hundred per cent correct to be right.

Listening exams often have inaccurate information that sounds quite similar to the correct answer. Sometimes the information given might match one of the answers, however it does not quite fit the question. For example: the examiner is talking about last year, but the question asks about next year. The correct information usually, but not always, follows afterwards.

B1 Speaking and Listening Test exam dates throughout the month

We hold regular B1 exams for the speaking and listening test throughout the year. The cost for your B1 speaking and listening exam is £125 (including your registration, exam and B1 test certificate). You can let us know the city or town and the date when you wish to take your B1 exam by clicking here.

We can also offer you on-the-day B1 test preparation and practice if you wish.

The B1 Speaking and Listening Test GESE Grade 5 is accepted by the British Home Office for Settlement / ILR / Naturalisation applications.

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