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GESE Grade 2 A1 Test CEFR Exam Guidance

GESE Grade 2 A1 CEFR Exam format

Total exam time: 6 minutes
The exam consists of one assessed phase:
● Conversation with the examiner (up to 6 minutes).
Candidate performance
In addition to the items listed for the previous grade, the candidate is expected to demonstrate the following communicative skills and meet the language requirements listed below during the exam.

Communicative skills
● Understand short, simple questions, requests and statements
● Respond with appropriate actions and positive and negative short form answers
● Contribute to the conversation using memorised phrases and short statements
● Use a basic range of words and simple phrases related to personal details and situations
●Ask for very basic personal information, e.g. about possessions

GESE Grade 2 Language requirements

Language functions
● Indicating the position of people and objects
● Describing people, animals, objects and places very simply
● Stating simple facts
● Informing about possessions
● Asking very simple questions about personal details


The candidate is expected to demonstrate the ability to understand:
● Present simple tense questions
● Question words who? when?
●Present continuous tense questions
● Determiners some, any

The candidate is expected to demonstrate the ability to understand and use:
● Present simple tense
● There is/are and has/have got/have you got? Do you have?
● Question words where? how?
● Prepositions of place in, on, under, between, next to
● Determiners their, its
● Possessive pronouns mine, yours, his, hers
● Yes/no answers to present continuous tense questions

The candidate is expected to demonstrate the ability to understand and use vocabulary related to:
● Rooms in the home
● Household objects
● Family and friends
● Pets
● Possessions
● Days of the week and months of the year
● Cardinal numbers up to 50
● Words and phrases relating to the language functions listed above

● The correct pronunciation of words relevant to the lexical areas listed above
● Basic intonation patterns for simple questions
● Contractions, e.g. I’ve, I’m, he’s

Grade 2 communicative skills and language requirements have been mapped to A1 in the CEFR.

If you are applying for a Spouse / Partner Visa you will need Speaking & Listening A1 / ESOL Entry 1. This exam is suitable for Spouse and Partner Visas on FLR (M) and suitable for Parents of Dependents FLR (O). You will need to take this A1 test at a registered SELT centre for this purpose. We can help you prepare for your A1 exam. Please contact us for details.

You can GESE Grade 2 / A1 Test and preparation here


Official ESOL B1 Test Sheffield

English B1 test Centre Sheffield

You can book your B1 test in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The speaking and listening English exam, for British Citizenship, Naturalisation, Indefinite Leave to Remain or Spouse/Partner Visa can be taken at the Trinity College official exam centre in Sheffield. There are B1 tests in Sheffield held regularly at Learn for Life Enterprise. This is a well established Sheffield ESOL learning centre which,as it has for many years, specialises in ESOL at all levels including pre-entry, level one, level two and level three.

This popular official Yorkshire test centre for Trinity College provides helpful ESOL preparation courses for the A1 test and B1 test in Sheffield. You can also get on-the-day B1 test preparation from experienced tutors. The on-the-day preparation includes practice exam, revision help, exam tips, and topic form help

In addition, the B1 test centre offers preparation classes for the Life in the UK test.  The Life in the UK Preparation Course is for 6 x 2 hours over 3 weeks and you can attend as many as you need, even repeating some if necessary.

You will find the staff at Learn for Life Enterprise very helpful and friendly. They will do their best to look after you and make you feel welcome and at ease for your English exam.

ESOL B1 test Sheffield

The UKBA approved ESOL B1 test is from Trinity College. This is the GESE grade 5 exam in Speaking and Listening at Level 3.  The  B1 test for Speaking & Listening exam  consists of a ten minute one-to-one interview with an official examiner from Trinity College London who undertakes the exam in their official Sheffield B1 test centre.

The B1 test aims to replicate real-life conversation in which the candidate and the examiner exchange and pass on information, share ideas and opinions and debate topical issues.

B1 test Sheffield

This UKBA Home Office approved English Language Test – Speaking & Listening test at B1 entry 3 level is required  for applicants for UK Citizenship. If you are applying for UK Citizenship/British Naturalisation you will also need to pass the Life in the UK test.

Preparation for ESOL B1 test Sheffield

If you wish to prepare for your ESOL B1 test in Sheffield, the optional B1 test Preparation Course is for 4 x 2 hours over 2 weeks. It includes workshops, practice B1 exam and B1 revision material.

A1 Test Preparation

The A1 test is suitable for Spouse and Partner Visas on FLR (M) and suitable for Parents of Dependents FLR (O). This A1 English test is a UKBA Home Office approved Secure English Language Test – SELT – Speaking & Listening test.

If you would like to prepare in Sheffield for your ESOL A1 test, then our A1 test Preparation Course should be suitable for you. It is 4 x 2 hours over 2 weeks which includes useful workshops, practice A1 exam and A1 revision material.
Please note that for Visa purposes you will need to take your A1 exam at a registered SELT centre of your choice.

Booking your ESOL speaking and listening B1 test in Sheffield

You can book your  B1 test in Sheffield, South Yorkshire or speaking and listening exam/test preparation course for B1, A1 ESOL or Life in the UK  by clicking here: SHEFFIELD English Exam A1 and B1 preparation courses and B1 Test Centre Sheffield