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UK Home Office Approved English Test

News from Trinity College London:

A number of adjustments to the UK Immigration Rules have recently been announced by Immigration Minister James Brokenshire.

This announcement does not affect Trinity’s GESE and ISE exams, which remain on the UK Home Office list of approved English Language Tests. Please be aware that these exams can only be taken in a Registered Trinity SELT centre if being used for UK visa purposes.

The changes in the Immigration Rules, as described in sections 2.1 and 7.15 from the Statement of Changes, relate to Trinity’s ESOL Skills for Life exams only, and are effective from 1 August 2014.

For full details, please consult the Statement of Changes document on website.

We are pleased to inform you that if you are applying for citizenship and settlement you can still prove this by having: an English qualification at B1 level e.g. GESE Grade 5. Book your GESE Grade 5 B1 test today in the North of England using this website.


B1 Test Centre

B1 Test Centre

Our ESOL/English Language B1 test centre in the North of England welcomes people from all over the world who wish to become British citizens. We offer Home Office approved B1 tests more than once a week throughout the year. We are an official Trinity College exam centre which means your test certificate will be recognized as authentic by the British Home Office due to our genuine and secure testing. For UK citizenship you must pass the “Life in the UK Test” and the “English Speaking and Listening B1 Test” .

We have an English Laguage, B1 test centre in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. This is convenient for people from South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire including Leeds and Bradford, East Yorkshire including Hull, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

We teach people English as a matter of course at our centre so we are very experienced in looking after people from overseas. We can provide you with help and preparation on the day of your exam. You can relax and know you will have the best chance of passing your exam in our B1 test centre.

The test itself consists of a ten minute one-to-one interview with an official Trinity College Examiner. For the speaking part of the B1 test, you should prepare your own topic and be prepared to discuss it with the examiner for five minutes in English.

In addition to the candidate’s chosen discussion, the examiner also has another five minutes to talk about two chosen topics with you. The examiner can choose topics including events, festivals, means of transportation, entertainment, music or personal experiences.

At our B1 test centre the examiner will want to make sure you can respond appropriately to questions, can clarify your statements and perform the required language functions. This means you must be able to talk in future tenses, provide opinions, discusses UK events and also state the reasons for your preferences. You must also show that you can use correct grammar and express yourself well through use of vocabulary.

You will find the examiner friendly and helpful however you still need to prepare for your test. We can give you assistance in this before your exam so please ask for details. In addition you can have your own practice with friends or family. there are also some useful publications and guides to assist you.

You will find more information about the B1 test here.Also watch this video of a B1 test.

You will find details of our B1 test centre here to book your test and  preparation if you require it.



B1 Test for UK Citizenship

The B1 Test for UK Citizenship

Becoming a British citizen is the dream of thousands of immigrants every year. To become a UK citizen, individuals must fulfill the naturalization or testing requirements. An individual may apply for citizenship through naturalization if he or she is over 18, has sound mind, has good character, intends on continuing to live in the UK and displays knowledge of English and has passed the Life in the UK test requirements.

B1 Testing Requirements

In June 2012, the UK implemented new standards that citizenship applicants must achieve. Those pursuing citizenship through Indefinite Leave to Remain or the Naturalization as a British Citizen route must pass the “Life in the UK Test” and “English Speaking and Listening Test” at the B1 level or above. The B1 level is an intermediate level.

Preparing a Topic for the B1 English test

For the speaking component of the test, a candidate must prepare his or her own topic to discuss for five minutes. The topics that a candidate may choose include hobbies, career, holidays and home country. The examiner will discuss the prepared topic with the candidate in English. He or she seeks to make sure that the candidate responds appropriately to questions, clarifies his or her statements and performs the required language functions. The examiner will make sure that the individual is able to talk in future tenses, provides opinions, discusses UK events and also states the reasons for his or her preferences. The candidate must also show that he or she can use proper grammar and expressive vocabulary.

In addition to the candidate’s chosen discussion, the examiner also has five minutes to discuss two chosen topics with the candidate. The examiner may choose two topics from subjects including events, festivals, means of transportation, entertainment, music or personal experiences.

There is no written component of the Home Office approved B1 exam required for UK citizenship at our  SELT B1 test centre in Sheffield for the north of England including South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

B1 Test Results

Once the B1 test for UK citizenship has been completed, the results will be given to the individual on the same day. Certificates are sent by Trinity College to arrive within 7 days and you should therefore receive your certificate within two weeks. At the test site, one will need to show a current passport on the day of your exam.

B1 Test Preparation

We can help you prepare for the Home Office approved B1 test. Working with us can help you develop confidence in your speaking and listening abilities.

You can book your Home Office approved B1 test or exam preparation here

B1 Test ESOL Entry Level 3

International B1 Test ESOL Examination GESE Grade 5 Exam from Trinity College London available to take at an official exam centre near you.

  • Home Office approved English test for Citizenship / Naturalisation / ILR
  • 10 minute one-to-one exam with an official Trinity College Examiner
  • Results same day
  • Certificate sent as quickly as possible within 7 days
  • £125

Book your B1 test here

It is now an official requirement that for any applications made for Settlement  or ILR or Naturalisation applications, that are received by the British Home Office on or after 28th October 2013, the applicants are required to pass the Life in the UK Test, as before,
have a speaking & listening qualification at B1 CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages)  or higher, or an equivalent level qualification.

The Trinity College London GESE grade 5 is a speaking & listening exam at B1 level on the CEFR ESOL Entry level 3 on NQF* ( National Qualifications Framework) Speaking & Listening.

(Click here to find the Home Office’s new requirements for Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK for Settlement/ILR & Naturalisation applications made on or after 28th October 2013)

Home Office’s list of approved English tests

English Exam For Settlement. B1 Test  ESOL Entry3 Speaking an Listening – the GESE grade 5 is on the Home Office’s list of approved English tests (see page 35 final entry -Graded Examinationsin SpokenEnglish ):

This English exam – TCL Entry Level Certificate in ESOL International – Speaking and Listening (Entry 3) is also regulated by OFQUAL – Qualification number 500/1934/X

This GESE grade 5 exam is a speaking & listening exam at B1 level exam in English For Speakers of Other Languages ESOL .

You will have a ten minute interview with a Trinity College examiner on a one-to-one basis. Your result is available on the same day and then your certificate is sent to you as quickly as possible within 7 days.

We offer these Home Office approved exams regularly –

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or contact us / register your interest in the B1 Test ESOL exam here